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Thu, 04 Dec 2008
One of my best friends has just sent me this card, It is so beautiful and it makes Seligor feel so pleased knowing she has such wonderful friends.
One of my best friends has just sent me this card, how beautiful it is to have such wonderful friends.

This is really beautiful, ... take a few moments to enjoy this, please!
and Merry Christmas! and no baa humbugging 'cos it's only the 2nd!!


Do children under five have names?
   They do - Wow!

Do you think you can tell me some of them?
You Can - Go on then

A is for Algie, who Argued in Ayr.
B is for Betty, she Bounced on the Bear
C is for Charlie, he is a Chuckling Chappie

D is for Donna, who Dances De-Rappie
E is for Elwyn, who Eats Eggs every Easter
F is for Fiona, who Flirts as she Flitters
G is for Georgie, who Grows tall, Green, Grass
H is for Harriette, who's Hen wouldn't Hatch
I is for Idris, he Inspected the Indians
J is for Jessie, she Juggled with Jillian
K is for Kevin, he was Kind and a King.
L is for Linda, who Lounged in the Ling
M is for Michael he Made Monkey faces.
N is for
Nerys she Never Needs laces
O is for Oswald, he Often plays Ollies
P is for Penelope, she has Priceless Polly's
Q is for Quintin, who is Quiet and Quaint
R is for Ruby, who is Round and who Ain't
S is for Sean, Severe, Strong and Sound
T is for Tina, The Tantrum of the Town
U is for
Ulysees, Unbelievably Untold
V is for Violet, Very, Viable, and bold
W is For William With Wishes in a Well
X is for Xavier, who eXpects to eXcel
Y is for Yolanda a Young Yankie Yo-Yo
Z is for Zac whose was Zany with Zeal all a go, go

And there you have it an Alphabet full of special names, one of them might be your name. Why don't you try making an Alphabet out of all your friends at Nursery School, You could do it as a class and get the teachers to help you.

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