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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Wed, 23 Jan 2008
Here is a colourful Alphabet that I have pinched off Diddily whilst she was in Dreamland.
I will be moving back into my Castle tomorrow as I have another Toby Bucket, and another chapter each of Sandy Bramfield, when Sandy starts his life as a traveller, and learns to play the tambourine. Eddy and Irma of Fingles wood have to decide where they want to have their Nursery School, and poor Shadwell has been waiting to get off that ferry boat for ages.
Cat starts with
a C cElephant E e, Tiger T t, Dolphin D d,
Horse H h,

Crazy Creatures Alphabet

Alligators walk on stilts, Charlie
Cc, Bear Bb Bats Bb
Aa, Jaguar Jj, Bear and Bats both drink milk.
Chimps and Cotton Fairies dance,
Dogs and Cats jump and prance.
Elephants flying in the sky,
flicking clouds as they pass by.
Finches, Flies, Duck and Drake,
Ducks with eggs Dd, Drake, Dormouse, have to learn to bake a cake.
Goose and Gander, Hippo's, Hare, Hen H h, Ibis I i, Jaguar J j, Kangaroo K
all just stand about and stare
Ivor the Engine just dropped by,
so he could see the Kestrels fly.
Jungle Jaguars, the Lion that roars,
Dormouse sleeping how he snores.
Finch, Gg Green Finch Ff, Monkeys swing, the Nerka swims,
many fishes all with fins.
The Orang-utan began to sing
while Penguins sang "Gimmi that thing."

Quail and Hens lay some eggs,
Rabbits standing on two legs.Hawk with
prey Hh, Prey Pp
Squirrels trying to find their nuts,
Hh, Monkey Mm Ostrich OoTortoise sleeping in garden huts.
Unicorn hiding from you and  me,
so secretive you can't see.
Red Squirrel. Ss, Grey Squirrel Ss
Walrus and Seals, Dolphins, Whales,
and Bees, Slugs and
Unicorn Uu, Slugs Ss, Quail QqSnails.
Xema birds that dive like gulls,
so strong just like the bulls.

Zebra striped, Zati a monkey,
she wears a bonnet and looks quite funky.
Xema Gull, Xx  Yak Yy, Walrus Ww, Unicorn
Zati Zz/Sati Ss,
monkey, she looks like she's wearing a bonnet. Diddily Dee Dot, 2008

This is a safe site for all the family
Wasp W w, Xema X
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