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Sat, 27 Feb 2010
I have opened a new page for the Faeries for the other one was getting rather full. It is called Faerie Fiona
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Fiona Flies Into Danger.
Part One. Strange Washing
twinkle starsHere is a story about a tooth fairy. She is called Fiona and she has quite a few  tales  to tell about her travels around Fingles Wood.
Maybe you can tell me who else lives in Fingles Wood?
starsWhen you have finished reading the story you might be able to tell me how they helped Fiona. You will come to know and love all of her friends very quickly.

starsFiona Flies into Danger

          It was a cold February morning, a watery sun had just woke up and was shining over Fingles Wood.
There was still some snow left on the ground but now at least the snowdrops could feel the warmth
of the sun on their pretty white gowns. 
In the tree tops the rooks were calling to each other whilst in the bushes the sparrows and robins were asking everyone to wake up.  Two little field mice scuttled down their hole to sleep for the day.
Deep under the ground Monty Mole could hear the singing of the birds.
"I can’t for the life of me understand why they have to be so cheerful every morning.”  he said, before going back to sleep.
Flora the old fox was still dreaming of the days when she used to give the huntsmen a run for their money, now she just lay snug and warm in her den and let the young cubs have the fun.
Mrs Rabbit had been up before the birds, with six children to look after and the weather  being so lousy,she had to try to get the housework done before they woke up.
She had just finished washing the clothes and  she went outside to hang it up. 
“Morning Robby, morning Sidney.” she called out as she walked over to the washing line.
“Morning to you to Mrs Rabbit.” the birds sang out together.
“You have been busy this morning, are the children still in bed?”       
“Yes, thank goodness.” She shouted back.
Molly Rabbit looked up at the washing line then stopped in amazement.
She couldn’t believe her eyes, for there, hanging on the clothes line, was a little fairy!
Molly closed her eyes and opened them again, there really was a  fairy stuck to her washing line.
“Well now, how on earth did you end up stuck on here?”
The little fairy opened her eyes at the sound of Molly's voice and began to sob as Molly gently held the wee creature in her paws.
“ Oh do be careful,”  she said in a jittery voice, she could hardly talk her teeth were chattering that much. “I fear my wings are frozen to the line, if they snap off I’ll never be able to fly again.”
“Don't worry I'll be very careful," Molly said wrapping her warm paws  around the fairies body.  "You don't seem dressed for winter though my lovely." She said  unfolding her wings and wiped them gently on her line cloth.
She was only  about six inches high; with fair hair and  blue eyes.
“There you go my dear, you should be alright now”.
Mrs Rabbit gently eased her off the line and popped her gently into her apron pocket.
stars“Right, lets get you into the house and get you thawed out.”

Continued below; as we go out of the snow and into the warm .
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