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Mon, 14 Feb 2011
It's Smile Time with the Angels, Angel Jokes for you to tell your friends,

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 Smile Time

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Do mermaids use knives and forks when they eat?
angel    No, they use their fish fingers!

          What did the sea say to the Little Mermaid?
angel    Nothing, it just waved!

What has beautiful hair, a pretty face, two arms, a fish's tail, looks like a mermaid, but isn't a mermaid?
angel    A photograph of a mermaid!

           What did Little Red Riding-Hood say when she saw the big, bad wolf   wearing sun-glasses?
angel     Nothing . . . she didn't recognize him!

             What did Little Red Riding-Hood say when she saw the big, bad wolf?
angel     There's the big, bad wolf!

Who shouted "Knickers!" at the big, bad wolf?
angel     Little Rude Riding Hood!

              What birds spend all their time on their knees ?
angel     Birds of prey !

What do you call a woodpecker with no beak ?
angelA headbanger !

              What does a queen bee do when she burps ?
angel      Issues a royal pardon !

When is the best time to buy budgies ?
angelWhen they're going cheep !

              What do bees do if they want to use public transport ?
angel      Wait at a buzz stop !

What do you get if you cross a bee with a skunk ?
angelAn animal that stinks and stings !

              Why did Hansel eat all the liquorice off the witch's house?
angel      It takes all sorts!

Why couldn't Cinders use horses to pull the Pumpkin Coach?
angelBecause they were too busy playing stable tennis!

              Why was Cinderella no good at playing hockey?
angel      Because she was always running away from the ball!

What did the ogre get for his birthday?
angelAnother year older!

                What do you give an ogre with great big feet?
angel       Lots of space.

Why do ogres wear flowery embroidered braces?
angelTo hold their trousers up!

                 Why did the Ugly Duckling's parents fly south for the winter?
angel        Because it was too far to walk!

Why do dragons sleep all day?
angelSo that they can fight knights!

Smile Time

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