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Thu, 21 May 2009
This new story is on page Hey Diddle Diddle , Chapter Two of the Old Woman who lived in a Shoe
 Here is the Shoe.......stay tuned


Chapter Two

The Old Woman looked up. "Good evening to you, I'm sure, and it's very good of you to help me," she said, "but where are you?" For she saw nobody but her children, and she was sure that it wasn't one of them.
"Whereare you looking?" said the voice again. "I'm not far away from your feet."
When the Old Woman heard that she looked down at the stream, and there half in and half out of it, she saw a big green frog with golden eyes staring at her.
"Now you want a new house I suppose," said the frog.
"I do want it sadly," said the Old Woman, for we have nowhere to live, and I haven't got a penny to pay for the building of it."
    "Fiddle-de-dee!" said the frog. "What should I do with money? But I have seen how you work so hard and I don't like to think of you without a home. Besides, it would be sad for your husband to come home and find his house burnt down. Now take off your shoe." big green frog said,
    The Old Woman took off one of her shoes, wondering how this would help. But she didn't have to wonder long, he splashed some water over it, and as the water touched it the shoe creaked and squeaked, turned and stretched itself into a house! And a beautiful house it was too.
    The Old Woman could hardly believe her eyes, she shut them , blinked and opened them again and the house was still there.
Image"Well go along indoors," said the frog. "There's the house, but I must give you this warning. You may use the water from the stream to water the garden as much as you like, but, you must never use it for washing, cooking, drinking, scrubbing or anything like that. That water MUST be drawn from the well. Goodbye! I hope you'll be happy in your new house." And before the Old Woman had time to thank him, he had turned round, jumped into the deep water and puff he was gone.
   To look at it from the outside it just looked like a larger version of her shoe, but once inside, well as you can see in the picture it was a home, that indeed was big enough for the Old Woman and her twenty three children, and something realy special. by the side of her bed was another shoe, just like the one she had given to the frog. Which was a good job really for the Old Woman only had the one pair.
    The Old Woman looked through out the house, and with a contented smile on her face she went outside and took the harness off the donkey and began unloading the cart of her shopping and empty crates.
The children, very upset for what they had done, helped their mother to unload the cart and they did help the following day, and the day after that, and the old woman was pleased that the children had at last began to behave themselves. But sad to say it didn't last long and by the time the next market day arrived it was almost the same as before.
    The next market morning the Old Woman was up and gave the children their porridge and went out to harness the donkey, she had packed the cart as usual and Zed had filled the basket
Benjywith fresh eggs and he put these next to the vegetables to be sold.
    Returning to the kitchen, she gathered up all the children and bade them sit down and listen: "Now my dears I must be off to the market. Be good while I am away. Take the goats and geese to the pasture, and there are a lot of weeds  in the carrot patch, I want them removing before they choke the young carrots. And as it is a wash day, I want all the washing put in the wash tub to soak. BUT remember you must draw the water from the well. DON'T take any from the stream. Oh yes and there's some bread
Did I mention that you will find the story in Hey diddle diddle, here in the Castle.
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