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Wed, 24 Aug 2011
Toby and Tilly sitting in by a bush, Toby asks Tilly "Do you think they remember us ?"

This is the first story in the Toby Bucket collection
specially written for the very young.

Toby's BucketThe Adventures of Toby Bucket.

Hello I'm Toby
Hello this is Toby Bucket.

He is not very big.
In fact he's quite small,

So small, that he lives in a bucket.
Toby Bucket's Home

Can you see Toby's Home? 

Can you see what colour it is?
Is it RED, or is it GREEN?"

Can you see Toby and his dog?
Toby Bucket
and his Dog

The wind is blowing hard.

                           I hope it doesn't blow poor Toby over.

                       It is starting to rain.
Toby is in the rain with his umbrella

                   Toby might get wet.

                  Toby has an Umbrella.

                 The rain has stopped.

                Toby is running home.

         Can you see Toby?
Toby's Bucket
       Can you see Candy?


  Toby's dog is called Candy.

       Can you see Toby's bucket house?       

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