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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Mon, 29 Oct 2007
A Special Day in the Shire, The Googlenok's of Peppercorn Green
Better still go to the website where you can see all the illustrations as well. Chapter three of A Special Day in the Shire. Back At The Castle Onions make us cry, poor Kristine Cathy Fern had changed her pinny twice already so had Buttercup and Felicity; they hadn’t stopped since Tommy had come round singing his message. As soon as Barnaby had arrived back with the food it was non- stop cutting, peeling and crying. Kristine had volunteered to peel and chop the onions; she had stood at the table crying for over an hour, with Daniel bringing in cold flannels to put on her eyes. Buttercup must have squeezed a hundred oranges and lemons. Then she had to cut up all the peel and put it in the huge cauldron with the juice and sugar. “ If you had your black coat and a pointed hat on Buttercup.” Daniel saidButtercup Looked like a witch making a magic brew laughing, “ You could be mistaken for a witch.” Buttercup smiled at Daniel and carried on stirring the pot to make sure all the sugar was dissolved. Then it was left to simmer for an hour, with Buttercup stirring it every twenty minutes. Cathy also reckoned she looked like one of the witches in a fairy tale book but didn’t say anything. Queen Pepper had arrived back with Barnaby and immediately vanished into the conservatory to make her candyfloss. Not only was it rainbow coloured candyfloss made up of the seven colors of the rainbow; each colour had its own special flavor. Queen Pepper's special CandyflossThe green was mint, the red tasted of wild strawberries, whilst the orange and lemon tasted just like the real fruit. But it was the violet, blue and indigo that made people wonder if she had a magic spell. The indigo tasted of iced elderberry wine, the violet was like a succulent sherbet fountain and the blue, well you name your own favourite fruit and that's what it tasted of. If you loved pomegranates then it tasted like pomegranates or if your fancy was for a knicker- bocker glory, then that is what you felt as the floss melted in your mouth. King Pepper said the queen had the recipe handed down to her from her grandmother, and he reckoned his grandfather always referred to her as an old witch, so maybe that was why it was so magic. Kayleigh Willowherb had asked her father to drop her off at the castle as he passed by on his way to the stadium to deliver the sand. She had really come to call for the Princess, but had ended up helping out in the kitchen. Cathy had given her all the bread rolls and baps to cut and butter, then she had to put them all back in the trays that Mr. Barleycorn had left. She could never remember seeing so much bread in herFelicity was covered in Tomato Ketchup life before. Cathy had been busy making bread as well, only two long rolls, but no one was allowed to know what they were for. She had also made two big pots of stew or something, put lids on them and put them on the range. “ These won’t need any looking after.” She said and that was that, there they sat bubbling away all morning. Felicity had the boring task of pouring bottles of tomato sauce into large plastic dishes and putting lids on them when they were full up.Martha was getting covered in toffee "It will be a lot easier to use a spoon than end up with tomato sauce on everything.” Buttercup said after she had shook a bottle and ended up with most of it in her hair. Minnie and Martha were having great fun, Cathy had made some really sticky toffee and as Minnie stuck the sticks in the apples so Martha was dipping them in the toffee it seemed like there was more toffee on the twins than on the apples. Minnie started off with green apples “ You two are going to need a good scrub before you get to the stadium this afternoon, just look at the state of your shirts.” Cathy said shaking her head. Buttercup had just finished slicing the last of the tomatoes as Queen Pepper arrived back from making her candyfloss. “ Time for those bacon butties I think,” she said pinching a slice of tomato off the plate. Everyone looked up at the clock. “ Goodness me its half past twelve already.” Cathy said wiping her hands on her apron. “ I’ll just get Daniel and Barnaby to take some of these trays through to the parlour and then I’ll put the bacon on.”Cathy was always cooking “ Did I hear the word bacon”? King Pepper said as he came through the kitchen door. “ How are you all getting on, nearly finished.” “ Yes its almost done, just a few finishing touches here and there and we’ll be ready to take it all to the stadium.” Cathy said turning the bacon over as she talked. In no time at all they were all sat round the table tucking into their dinner. “ I never realised I was so hungry,” King Pepper said as he finished off the last bacon sandwich. Queen Pepper was making the bread and butterPrincess Cornflower and Ann could smell the bacon cooking as they cycled up towards the castle. They had met up with Jody and Heledd as they were leaving the stadium. All four girls jumped off their bikes and left them outside the stables before going inside. Cornflower just heard her fathers’ last words as they walked into the kitchen. “ I hope that wasn’t the very last bacon butty, father dear,” the princess said walking over to her fathers’ side. “ Oops, I knew we’d forgotten someone.” King Pepper said smiling, he still had bacon grease on his chin and the Queen wiped it away with her napkin.“ I can easily make you some more, mySo many doughnuts darlings.” Cathy said getting up from the table. “ No it’s alright Cathy.” Cornflower said giving her a hug. “ We stopped at Mrs. Barleycorn's as we came past and she gave us all the doughnuts that had come out without holes in them, honest Mum I’ve never seen so many doughnuts in my life, she will need a tent just for her and the doughnuts.” The girls helped sample some more of Buttercups squash, it was delicious. “ Are you coming back to the stadium with us now, Kayleigh?” Cornflower winked at Kayleigh. “ Or do they still need you for slave labour?” “ Oh as if I would.” Cathy said going a pretty pink, “ You offered to help, didn’t you pet?” “ Yes, of course I did.” Kayleigh laughed at the cook. “ She’s only pulling your leg. " She took a glass of lemonade off Cathy, "and I wouldn't miss a glass of your lemonade anyway, it would win all the competitions it was entered into." sash“ And talking of the competition Daddy, where is the list of competitors?” King Pepper spluttered into his cup of tea. “ Oh darn it, I knew I’d forgotten something.” “ Oh well that's it then, we’ll have to call the whole thing off.” Queen Pepper frowned, shaking her head in Pepper’s direction. “ Not a chance,” Cornflower said laughing, “ we knew you’d forget, you always forget at least one important detail,” she kissed her father on the forehead.“ But we have it all under control.” Heledd added. “ We thought it best just to have twosash teams. King Pepper can lead the purple team who will wear the purple sashes and your team can wear the green sashes which we wore for the dance marathon last month.” she said to Queen Pepper. “ Well,” said Pepper quite taken aback by the way the girls had arranged everything. “ You seem to know what your doing, so I think the best thing to do is to let you get on with it, and we’ll see you at the stadium at three o'clock."
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