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Wed, 11 Jun 2008
Here we go a couple of little stories before I set Wilma on you, funnily enough both of these stories are about witches and both  of them have Wanda loved making horrid spells.names that begin with a 'W', very strange.
Enjoy and whoever wrote them the kids would like to THANK YOU for letting Diddily borrow them. Diddily says a big Thank You also.

Wanda has a Lesson in

Wanda the Witch went wandering through a very spooky wood. She loved to practise spooky spells, and the thought of being good made her feel really ill.
In fact Wanda took great delight in turning a patch of beautiful bluebells into a pool of slimy, smelly goo. Then she gave a tree such a creepy face that would frighten anyone who happened to pass by.

       Creeping through the undergrowth, Wanda came upon a wizard, standing gazing into a pond. As quick as
He was
gazing into the pond lightening she waved her wand and the wizard all but leapt into the water.
It wasn't very deep but it was very cold and full of horrible, slimy weeds.

       The wizard leapt out in one huge jump, he was so angry with Wanda that he cast a spell as he landed next to her. His big red cloak, moved off his back and wrapped itself around Wanda's body. Then it began to squeeze her really tight.

quickly cast a spell on Wanda       "Say sorry!" roared the wizard, "or you will stay like that forever!"
Poor Wanda she was that shocked to have met someone who was even speedier and nastier than herself that she couldn't stop apologizing to the wizard and not only that, she even made a promise never to be nasty again...
Hm,do you think she would keep her word? Who knows we might find another story about Wanda some where else on these pages.

There have been many witches written about,
 some good some bad.

Darren, Samantha, Andora and TabithaDarren and Aunt
ClaraWitches fill books and films. Anyone remember Samantha Stevens as the witch in  “Bewitched,” why when she and Darren had their baby Tabitha, she was even portrayed as a witch. Not to mention her mother "Andora" and "Aunt Clara" who always got spells wrong, of course we have "Glenda the Good Witch" in “The Wizard of Oz” and also The other compass witches, East and West, both pretty mean.

The Wicked Witch of the West and DorothyWho could forget the wicked witch squealing ‘I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog Toto too,’ with her scary green face, flying on her broomstick, with a legion of flying monkeys at her command? Does she have historical roots or is she purely imagination?
The Witch in
Snow White
Then there is the TV witches the Halliwell sisters fighting evil on “Charmed,” and what about Disney and Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm. Without witches casting their evil spells none of these books would ever have made it into the Disney Witch
King of Angmar. LOTR.Land Films. There is Snow White's step mother, she could work magic, for it seems if you can cast a spell, you are a witch. The we mustn't forget the most evil Witch King of Angmar, from Lord of the Rings. Why don't you try and count up all the witches you have read about and maybe leave me a comment. There are Blog entries for "seligorscastle and diddilydeedotsdreamland" everywhere, even on the side of this frame.

         Of course not all used to go well for the so called "Witches" of the past, they were burnt alive, drowned, locked up, tortured and even branded. And these weren't tales in books, these were real people who were blamed as being witches just because their face didn't fit or they were old, or even had a mark like a mole or blemish on their skin.
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