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Wed, 20 Jan 2010
The Water Sprite, well just the first bit, the rest is in the castle with Seligor.

written originally byLjuba Stiplova

 Billy loved water. Whenever he was left to himself at home he would always find his way to the bathroom, and that usually meant the ceiling ended up drenched and the floor always flooded, in fact it usually got so bad that the water escaped out the bathroom door and onto the landing. The taps on the bath had always fascinated Billy, he just loved turning them on until the water gushed out and even then he would turn them a little bit more even if it forced them.
        One day he did exactly that, he overdid the turning and whoosh! one of the taps flew off like a bullet and a fountain of water shot up into the air, there was water everywhere. Billy stood there, his eyes wide open staring into the water spout. the suddenly, without any warning a little creature popped up from the torrent right in front of Billy. It looked slimy and very wet and it sat crouching in the corner of the bath rolling its eyes at Billy.
        Billy stared back, "Hm, could be a frog!" he thought. But it wasn't. "Maybe it's a funny type of fish!" But it wasn't. Then all at once Billy remembered a book he had been reading and he then knew what the curious, little, creature was, with its watery eyes and its floppy ears and its tatty coat. It was a WATER SPRITE!
        Then standing back, away from the bath a little he shouted, "Hey you're a water sprite! But the sprite didn't answer he just squirted Billy full on, till he was drenched from head to toe. Billy didn't want any-more  of that and in a flash he was through the bathroom door, slamming it behind him as he left. Then he stood there , very scared, but at the same time he wondered what the water sprite might be up to. He listened hard pressing his ear against the door to see if he could hear anything bad.
        But sad for Billy the water sprite was up to a great deal. He had collected all the things in the room, soap dish, flannels, sponges, tooth-brushes and paste, the mugs, nail brushes, father's best shaving brush and shaving soap, and thrown  them all in the bath and was using them as ships, and to help them sail he sang this cheeky little song.

'I'm happy to be a water sprite,
I'll live in the bath instead of the pipe.
I'll soak just everything in sight,
So don't disturb me or I'll strike!
This seems like a wonderful place to stay,
I think I'll be very happy here to play
Forever more here I shall reign
Fed by the wonderful water main1'

        "What? Stay here in my home for evermore,"  Goodness me, where shall I bathe? Billy was now very frightened, he could hear the noises coming from the bathroom. Poor Billy he was almost near to tears. Then he calmed himself down and ran down the stairs to ask the housekeeper if she would help him.
      He ran as fast as he could, shouting all the time that there was a horrible water sprite in the bathroom going berserk.
       But alas, the housekeeper laughed at him saying, "Oh Billy, whatever will you think of next! Water sprites don't exist."
      Oh please, please come and see," Billy cried, tugging on her apron. And so she went upstairs with him. All this time the water sprite was having a real treat, he was having a great sea battle, so when the housekeeper opened the door, he gave her such a squirt that she also was soaked from head to toe. Then with a spin of her heel she was back on the landing, slamming the door behind her. She turned on Billy and cried out, "You little rascal, how could you make such a horrible trick!"
        "But it wasn't a trick," Billy protested. There is a water sprite honest, look he wet me through as well."

But the housekeeper didn't want to know, go back in please, please," he begged. But it was too late, by the time the housekeeper relented and went to go back in the door was locked.
"You see, it is the water sprite!" Billy shouted triumphantly.
But the housekeeper still thought that it must be another of Billy's tricks and told him to go at once and get the locksmith, he will know how to deal with this.
  "A locksmith to deal with me!  Ha, ha, ha, excuse me for laughing." The water sprite laughed,he didn't seem at all worried, in fact he felt so happy that he began to sing again,

"Water, water, isn't this fun,
Both hot and cold I can run.
In so much water I can wallow
It's fresh and clean, tasty to swallow
It's such fun being a water sprite
Don't disturb me or I'll strike.
Forever more here shall I reign
Fed the the great, big water main!"

"A water sprite? You can't be serious" The locksmith spluttered before roaring with laughter when Billy told him. "I think you will find the handle is jammed, but don't worry, come on let's go and see if we can get that door open."
        Meanwhile the sprite was still having a grand time . He had sunk his third ship and was just about to sink the fourth when the locksmith wrenched the door open. He was so annoyed he squirted the locksmith right between the eyes before drenching him completely.
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