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Sat, 24 Jan 2009
Here you are as promised, a bit later than planned, the story of Uncle Brock

Peril at the Bridge

Well, I would like to say that the swing bridge that crossed over the River Elwy, looked a bit like this one, but it didn't it was more like my friends Blubison's bridge that the pirates used in their story. But alas it was a sort of cross between a load of very unsafe planks, that were held together with ropes, that looked like they may snap anyday. Many times Seligor went here when she was a little girl and this is how I came to know all the stories about Immy and Eddy and all their friends that lived in and aroung Fingles Wood.
So let us get back to Uncle Brock and the kids sitting in the cave. Hopefully he will have started it by now.......
    ....... "Right are you all ready. Throw a few more logs on the fire William, then we'll begin.!
Immy and Eddy
looked after the little ones as they sat round the
fire"Oh for goodness sake Brock, the little ones will be asleep if you don't get on with it." Shouted
Aunt Izzy! "Yes come on Uncle Brock everyone else shouted.
What a noise you could here them right down the river , I'm sure.
Uncle Brock stood up and walked to the middle of the big rock, the kids called the giants kitchen. He sat  down. It all went very quiet. Not a sound, even the wind stopped blowing.
       "It was still a cold night, it had been a lovely sunny all day but everyone was having so much fun that they hadn't realised how late it was getting. The next thing we knew there were night clouds  coming over and there was no way we were going to make it back to the sett before it was dark. To make matters worse we were all on the wrong side of the river and we had been told never to try to go aross the swing bridge in the dark..
"Oh dear, were you frightened Uncle Brock." Poor Tudor jumped as everyone together said, "Oh do shut up Tudor and listen." Edna caught hold of him and sat him on her knee. "Listen to the story, that's a good boy" she whispered as Uncle Brock continued his tale.
    "So there we where the other side of the river, it was at least two kilometres to the Sett, what were we to do? 
"I know" said Jenny. "We could stay in the old chapel."
"You what" Cled said his face draining of colour, "you want us to stay in the old chapel, it hasn't even got a roof, or walls!
"It's got one wall where the bell used to be."  Jenny said, "never mind we can stay here by the old mill house instead, we can keep warm in the lean to." 
s Well" alt="Fynnon Fair - St Mary's Well" width="187" align="right" height="122">
"So it was decided, we would have to stay. If I remember right  there was quite a lot of clouds and the moon stayed  hidden most of the time. An hour must have passed and although we were quite warm in the shelter of the old mill, every now and then a strange whistling sound was heard.
"There is goes again!" Jenny said. "What do you think it is Brock?"
Well I couldn't say I did, cause I didn't know either. Uncle Cled didn't hear a thing, he was fast asleep. he could sleep anywhere old Cled." Uncle Brock smiled.
"What happened then Uncle Brock,  did you find the whistle?" An immediate "Hush!" came from around the fire.
"Well no Tudor, we never did for at that moment the whistling stopped and a strange scrapping noises started instead. It was then that Jenny noticed a light in the old chapel grounds. In fact there were two light's wavering about. We reckoned they must have been torches, as candles would have blown out, what with the wind getting up again.
        The we really did begin to get frightened, for the next moment a bell started to ring.
"Oh my gosh,!" Jenny squealed, "I think there is someone in the old chapel and they are ringing the old bell."
the old mill"Don't be stupid, there hasn't been a bell hanging there for years." Cled moaned, still half asleep.
"Then how do you explain the ringing sound?" Jenny asked, kicking him so he would wake up.
"Poor Uncle Cled!" Immy said, "Shush" Came the immediate response.
"As I said Jenny kicked Cled. Cled rolled over, fell off the plank he was lying on, straight into the mill stream. There he was, pitch black in the Mill stream, and it must have been about midnight by now.
"Oh my goodness, did he get very wet Uncle Brock." Everyone was huddled together now , with the fire between them and Uncle Brock telling the story.
"Nope, that he didn't. That old stream hadn't been used in years, though it did have a few inches of ice and snow in the bottom if I remember rightly." He smiled again, "Though he did let out an awful yell.
"Shush," Jenny wailed, "they will hear us."
        We sat there, the three of us, one in the mill stream, and two on the bank.
Shush, be quiet
The noise from the old chapel had stopped and the lights had gone out. We didn't know what to do.
"Come down here Cled whispered, what ever it is, it  won't think of looking in here?"
So Jenny and myself jumped into the stream next to Cledwyn.
We huddled under the few bracken fronds that were still alive, waiting, waiting. We could hear the sound of something breathing close by, but we were all too afraid to take a peep. 
         After about twenty minutes the breathing and footsteps went away in the direction of the bridge.
It was then we decided to go over to the chapel and see what had been going on. I don't remember who it was who made this suggestion, but it really wasn't a good idea, looking back n it now.
"Oh do get on with it Brock! These little ones have to go to their beds, if you're going to stop all the time thinking as to what could have happened, they will have to miss the end." Aunt Izzy shouted from the steps.
"No! No! No!" shouted all the little ones at once, "oh don't let us go to bed not yet, please Aunt IzzyAuntie Izzy, please-e-e!
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