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Mon, 01 Oct 2007
I like Babies
Please take this as it was written ....for fun I Like Babies! Young boys are nice in rissoles and girls make a delicious stew but best of all are babies - believe me, I've had quite a few! They're sweet, they're soft and they're tender and sing the most piteous song as they slide down your throat to your stomach - the place they were born to belong! Fathers are mean and bad tempered and mothers are ugly and cruel, but babies have fair dispositions - I generally find as a rule. I try to avoid ancient grandmas, they're stringy and tasteless and tough, whilst sisters and nieces and aunties have tongues that at times can be rough. (baby kiss) Young boys are nice in a rissole and girls make a delicious stew, but the treat I like best is a baby - believe me, it's perfectly true! Their bones are like crispy fried bean shoots,their eyes are like seeds in red jam, their limbs are the wings on a sparrow, their belly-pork goes well with yam. Yes, young boys are nice in a rissole and girls make a delicious stew. But line little babies up for me, please- in a neat and orderly queue! I'm not very fond of Great Uncles and stepbrothers leave me quite cold. (mummy and baby) Domestic pets can help indigestion but too many cause excess gas- If you don't mind a little suggestion avoid those with rashes or mould! Terrapins make a nice starter and goldfish go quite well with cheese;(little boy) but the main course, of course, is a baby with tasty and well-seasoned knees! I don't mind the sex of the baby- there's little to tell them apart: With both one end dribbles and splutters, whilst the other just piddles and farts. O bring me a baby for breakfast, with fingers to dip in the yolk. Or else bring `em fried or sunny side up -but scrambled is a bit of a joke. Unless their prepared with caution and care they can go all gooey and run and nothing is worse than skull, nails or hair, in one's teeth- it detracts from the fun. A young lad is nice in a rissole and girls they make delicious stew. My favourite dish is a Sylvia Sandwich, followed by Custard and Sue.A Peter is fine prepared in white wine, with fish and asparagus tips-but what can compare to a choice leg of Claire or Dorothy's fresh fingertips? Now some say it's vicious and hostile to eat little babies at all but once you have tasted their tender young flesh, other meats wont doswinging on the moon at all. I try to behave circumspectly, I never eat orphans or twins. I never touch mites, or lone kids on bikes, or fairies and angels with wings, But young boys go well in a rissole and girls make a delicious stew;and best of all are the babies that crawl, straight up and burble at you. Willowdown/Seligor's Emporium.co.uk copyright 2006.
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