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Fri, 08 Jan 2010
Because we have started a New Year and we have so many new visitors here is a little about Edna and Irma, the Badgers of Fingles Wood.


                      It was the beginning of autumn and the leaves were just starting to change colour. It had been a really difficult summer for Irma Pogglewatch and her sister, EdnaEntrance to a
sett Drewstitch. Now straight away you might find their names very complicated but you see, badgers have a first and second and sometimes even a third name before their surname, usually the names belonged to relatives of the badges from long ago.
In this case Irma Pogglewatch was named after her great, great aunt Irma and her great, great uncle Pogglewatch.
Whereas  Edna was given her grandmothers first name and the Drewstitch came from her grand mother Drewstitch, who had been a seamstress to Lady Cerys of the Wynnstay's Sett                         
The two young badgers we're living in England when their story began, Just after a huge storm had hit their home and they were made orphans.
The older brocks managed to get the two youngsters out of the Sett but unfortunately my Fingles Woodsister and her husband were killed.
It was very sad and  it was decided that they should come over to Fingles Wood to live with our Great Aunt Izzy.

And this is where our story begins the day that Irma and Edna left their sett in Lee Brockhurst and came to live in Fingles Wood.


The Little Ones of Fingles Wood
Book Two
This story is copyright to Dorothy Milnes Simm

"Oh Immy, can you hear the sounds, they are so, so busy?"
"Busy Ed, can you have busy sounds?" she listened. All around her there was movement, the bracken whispered on the wind. "Welcome Irma, welcome Edna, it seemed to say, and within seconds Immy was also caught up in the beauty of their new home. They frolicked along the path together, noticing nothing but the beauty surrounding them.
"I take it you two must be our new arrivals?" The voice brought both girls to an abrupt halt.
There in front of them blocking the path was the biggest  Brock badger they had ever seen.
"Oh my goodness" Eddy stammered as Immy hid behind her. "Em, er, em." Nothing seemed to come out.
Uncle Bart in the
Kitchen"Don't tell me you're stuck for words young lady we could hear you coming from the kitchen?" The Big Brock walked forwards, the girls backed back. "Hey don't tell me you're afraid," he laughed out loud, it echoed through the rocks. "My name is Bartholomew Bertrand Boggleworth but you my dear girls can call me Uncle Bart."
"And I am Penelope Prudence Pennywort, but they call me PPP for short," shouted a little brown badger  that had popped up from behind Uncle Bart.
The girls blinked.
"Well I'm Edna Drewstitch, Eddy for short" laughed Eddy.
"Then you must be Irma Pogglewatch, " Uncle Bart said laughing again. "Oh we all  know who you two are. We've been waiting for days for your arrival. The young ones have talked about nothing else."
"Come on, Come on," PPP said grabbing hold of  each girls
  paw. "Lets hurry, they are all waiting round the corner.The girls had at last arrived at their
new home
Then next second they were both being dragged around the bend and there filling what seemed to be every vacant space was an animal of some kind or other. Eddy smiled at Immy.
"I think it is going to be a long night Immy." Irma nodded her head and together they became swamped in a wonderful array of pinny's and pocket's, brushes and tails.
"I think we have finally arrived,"  Eddy's last words were lost as total bedlam broke out at the caves in Fingles Wood.
  Supper was a crazy affair, Eddy and Irma didn't really remember an awful lot about it, apart from the fact that they both ate that much and drank that much that they were up half the night with cramp and the other half with excitement.
All the names of the creatures!
Then the visit by Fiona the tooth fairy who just happened to be in the valley looking for Ossie Otter's offspring who had lost a tooth that morning and needed to have it replaced by a silver sixpence.
Great Aunt Izzy was exactly as they had both imagined, tall
Great Aunt Issy and straight and very severe looking, but my goodness when she laughed she made the whole of the rocks tremble. Both girls fell in love with her immediately.
Eddy lay in the warm bracken staring at the lights dancing on the roof of the cave. The water in the small pool had a few lights hanging over it and it was these that were causing the reflection. They looked just like coloured stars, so beautiful.


            And so here they were standing at the cave entrance of there very own school.It was only just turned eight thirty in the morning, and none of the pupils were due to arrive for another hour.  The girls decided it would be best to start at half past nine rather than have the little ones wandering through the woods in the dark.
"Maybe when the longer days come round we will start earlier and finish earlier too," Eddy said as she straightened up the last few books on the book shelves."There you go, what do you think of that. Gosh I hope we're not taking on to much Immy, I'm so excited I don't know what I'll do if no one turns up!"
"Oh gosh, don't even think such a thing." Eddy's younger sister Immy said "All this hard work gone to waste. Gosh it really would be terrible!"

"Hey don't tell me you're afraid," Uncle Bart  laughed out loud, it echoed through the rocks. His full name was Bartholomew Bertrand Boggleworth but everyone called him Uncle Bart.
"I am certain it won't be long until we hear the patter of tiny feet coming from every direction." He laughed again.
It was Uncle Bart
that decided that the large cavern near the bottom of the rocks was the best cave to use for the school. It would be easily reached by the smaller and none climbing creatures to get to the class rooms. There had been loads of work to do; lighting and heating would be necessary for the winter, these were the big jobs along with an extention on the water pipes from up above. But with so many able bodies of all sorts offering their help work was soon underway and it wasn't long before all the big jobs were finished.
Fiona helpingThen there were the pupils, the meeting that the two young badgers had arranged with Fiona the Tooth Fairy proved very useful, especially when she offered the help of a few of the younger fairies to come and help out.
The lighting and heating were both working well, they had a few problems with damp over the winter but now the spring had arrived it was fine, all the repairs had held up well
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