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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Sun, 13 Apr 2008

And so it began:-
The Fire DragonThe Story of the Dragon Lords

I started to write The Dragon Lords in 1995 when I was spending my holidays at my sisters in Spain. Bored stiff with sitting around the pool all day it the scorching heat, I decided to write a small story. Well the small story turned into a Trilogy over the next few years and although everyone thought it was fantastic and "Get it published" was the cry from the family. I didn't and never wanted too. Then a couple of years I decided to open a web site on my PC. just for messing around on. It was sometime in 2005 that my body decided it didn't want to go on and so I became a  wheelchair person. This meant staying in and no more walking and so in January 2007 I opened Seligor's Castle, which has now grown into a fabulous website for children of all ages, I also put on another website for the Dragon Lords. I think I was very naive back at the beginning of 2007 because I didn't present it properly and so the my poor bed, two dogs(Kelly died January)Dragon Lords was de-activated and another childrens website Diddilydeedot's Dreamland took over, which although only being opened since January this year is also proving very successful. 
Then due to many reqest asking for the Dragons to be brought back because people wanted to know past the first few chapters I have revamped the programme and  now you have quite a wonderful site to visit along with a wonderful story. and added music to listen to if you like background sounds.
have a new slimline model nowAm I big headed?... No I'm not, it's just that I  am very proud of my work and I love writing so much. I do spend many hours at the computer, even as much as eating here sometimes. My wonderful husband has changed our back room downstairs into a fantastic workplace come bedroom, come film studio (Sky) ha ha ha and everything else I require. I have beautiful gardens that I looked after till my illness but once again I am very lucky to have that
Where I work in Summer, better than Spainwonderful husband. I go out to a writers group and recommend this to anyone who wants to write. So if you live in the Mold area of Wales, Monday Morning  9.30 Daniel Owen Centre, you'd be made very welcome.
See what it can lead to, a wonderful ambition filled and a new life. Hey by the way I too am an Ancient like my Dragons. All of 64 this year. So don't ever give up, keep trying it  is amazing what you can achieve and also how many friends you can make on line.
This is my blog for the day, I just felt it was time to say a little about this Diddily Dee Dot who lives at Seligor's Castle, loves The Dragon Lords and is quite, quite crazy as well. xxxx Seligor. Monday April 14th 2008

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