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Sat, 20 Jun 2009
Just a weekend reminder to everyone who missed the story about Shadwell the hairy goblin!!!
Oscar the cat
The Cat and the Hairy Goblin is the story of a cat and a hairy goblin....or is it?
 The Cat is for real and the Goblin thinks he's for real. But is he?

Well let's read on and find out shall we, a lovely story for the younger goblin reader.

Shadwell sat on top of the wardrobe..
 The Hairy Goblin

Shadwell comes to Perth.

    The green hairy goblin sat on top of the wardrobe. He was sitting there with squint eyes peering through the darkness, looking down on the sleeping children.
Dash it! How he wanted to get down there on their clean, tidy beds and cause havoc, but alas he couldn't, for as well as the two children in the beds there was at the bottom of the bed, curled up on the Ottoman lay Oscar.
   The big black and white cat lay curled up in a ball, his head tucked in between its front paws. To some it may look as if he was fast asleep, but Oscar knew different as he squinted through an half open eye at the mangy goblin. Oscar watched the goblin through
half closed eyes
"Shadwell he called himself, Shadwell the hairiest goblin in the whole of Fladdabister, that is where he claimed he came from, Oscar growled, "as if!He had only been in the house a few days and he had already caused so much trouble poor Oscar;
It was Oscar that got the blame for drinking all the milk, it was Oscar who was accused of stealing the bacon off the masters plate and who was it that was thrown outside into the pouring rain when the fish bowl was found on its side on the living room floor? Yes Oscar and we should all know who the cannibal was. Yes, Shadwell, he had knocked over the fish bowl, eaten the fish and then ran up the stairs out of the way.
Oscar however had took this opportunity to trap him upstairs for the children were away for the weekend and Shadwell had remained trapped in their bedroom for the past three days.
Shadwell, was very angry but he was certain that the dam cat,  especially a sasanach one was ever going to get the best of Shadwell the hairiest goblin on the Shetland Isle.
Shadwell nodded his head up and down, he knew the cat was awake, he knew that he was planning some awful revenge for the trouble he had got him into over the demise of the fish.
Shadwell smiled to himself then started to giggle out loud as he remembered the scene . There he was watching from the top of the tall dresser when Mrs Goodie came into the living room. Her scream, then her swearing, then her anger as she scoured the house searching for the damned cat.   Poor Oscar  he had to sleep outside for two days in the outside loo, whichPoor Oscar apart from smelling like an outside loo, contained more bottles than the bathroom, a smelly old floor mop, the mop bucket, two old kitchen mats and half a dozen toys of some description that the children weren't allowed to bring into the house.
So as you can imagine when he was eventually let back in to the house it was solely to find Shadwell and rip his eyes out.
    And here we are three days later. Shadwell glanced at the clock, "oh no, look at the time," Only a few crispshe had to make his escape before the children woke up.
"Dash it," Shadwell muttered, "this truly must have been the stupidest place to hide." He was starving hungry, he had found some odd bits and pieces of food that the children had bought up stairs and left, and a few sips of cola, that had been left on the radiator. This was not very nice, it tasted more like vinegar then coke, he was not a very gobby goblin at all. He looked back at the cat who was still asleep.
Oscar walked
over to the door, no way was he going to escape
that way.Oscar however was not sleeping, he had one eye open watching Shadwell's every move. He was smiling that big Cheshire Cat smile that Alice in Wonderland knew all about. He turned away from Shadwell's gaze and jumped down off the Ottoman. Deliberately he walked over to the door and lay down in front of it like a  pussy-cat door stop, his tail swaying backwards and forwards.
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