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Wed, 09 Sep 2009
Holi with Bloodshed, not quite the wonderful Happy Holiday of today.
 Holi with Bloodshed

Steps to
the River Chambal The invitation said, 'Hope your thirst for battle has been quenched. Springtime has come.
Come with your courtiers to play Holi with the Rajputani'...

by Dina Nath Dubey

         Perched on the bank of the river Chambal, Kota was once ruled by the rulers of Malwa, Kesar Khan and Dokar Khan. But it was rather their misfortune, which drew them to Kota, where they were buried near the big tank, with the beautiful Jag Mandir at its bank. The end of these rulers came in a sensational way on the occasion of Holi, when people play with colours. But it was not colour, in their case, it was blood.

Udaipur jag
As per tale about seven hundred years ago, Kota was seized by the two pathans Dokar Khan and Kesar Khan. Bhongasi, its ruler was incapacitated with the excessive use of wine and opium and was banished to Bundi. His wife, with his household vassals and sixty villagers retired to Kaithun. Bhongasi, while in exile, repented his excesses and returned to his wife and kins. The intrepid Rajputani, rejoiced at his return and laid a plan for the recovery of Kota.
To attempt it, by force, would have been an open invitation to destruction.

          When spring came the queen planned to organize Holi and invited the Pathans who jumped at the invitation and eagerly awaited the moment when they would be with the queen.
          One fine evening, Kesar Khan and Dokar Khan found themselves in a romantic mood.

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