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Mon, 07 Jan 2008
This is my first new story for 2008 and Dreamland
do pop over to Diddily Dee Dot's Dreamland and read the new story in Diaper's Row. src="http://www.diddilydeedot.zoomshare.com/files/Diaper_Row/Single_Blue_Flower.jpg" title="Daisy" alt="Daisy" align="right" width="120">


      It was such a beautiful morning Daisy decided to go for a walk in the woods. She had not gone far when she came upon her very favourite tree, it was the tallest in the woods.
Unfortunately Daisy was only little and the tree was very tall, but it never stopped her dreaming about climbing to  the very top day after day.
Daisy however contented herself with sitting on one of the very low branches and lying there, dreaming of what it must look like way up high.

      Daisy jumped up onto her branch and settled down, she had only just closed her eyes when there was a loud whirring sound; not unlike that of a a helicopter, and out of the tree fell a little man
. He was wearing a pair of purple trousers and a turquoise blue jacket, and would you believe he was
even smaller than Daisy.
"Hello Daisy," he said
as he landed with a wallop on her lap and took out a grey hat and popped it on his head. "There that's better, wait, hold on just a moment?" He then pulled out a pair of red cloth boots and put them on his feet. "Now where were we?" He asked in a croaky little voice. "I believe you were day dreaming again. Do tell me what is it your dreaming about today?"
Daisy opened and closed her eyes in amazement. "And hello to you too!" she said nervously. "Firstly do you always travel like that? Secondly how come you know my name?" 
The little man smiled "Forgive me
O'Dermot, O'Callaghanmy dear but it's my business to know name of everybody who lives in or around Fingles Wood and your family have been living here for a very long time."
"Why I do believe your Granny called you Daisy because you reminded her of the first flower of a new day... isn't that so?"
Daisy smiled and picked up the little man and held him in her hand."
"Alright, so you know all about me, but who are you?" Daisy smiled and prodded the little man gently in his tummy.
Instantly he began to chuckle, then Daisy started to laugh, already you could tell they were going to be good friends.
"Well my dear, my full name is Mr Donald O'Dermot, O'Callaghan, but my friends usually call me "Donald the Dream Weaver" or Mr Don, for short, and dream weaving is my work."
"A dream weaver, and what on earth is a dream weaver, Mr O'Dermot O'Callaghan?" Daisy said  placing the little man on the  branch at her side.
"Daisy O'Donnal, didn't I tell you my friends call me Mr Don and are we not friends already or are all these smiles false ones?"
"Oh no, no we surely are friends Mr ...em  Don, but a dream weaver, what kind of work is that may I ask?" Daisy smiled a huge smile which made her whole face shine.
"Hm now let me think, a dream weaver. Well it's different of course from a weaver of dreams, for that would be Shamus MacSweeny from the old Smithy in Fingles Close. No I'm definitely the dream weaver who listens carefully to peoples dreams then tries to weave a wee bit of magic to make them come true."
"Oh I see," Daisy frowned, she didn't really see but she just knew that it could only be a good thing for her "Mr Don" was definitely a good... little man... whatever.
"So where does that lead us to my dear?" Mr Don asked but didn't wait for an answer. "Your dreaming I suppose."
"My dreaming!" Daisy looked up to the top of the tree. "You mean of being up there, the top of my tree!" she exclaimed, then frowned as she picked Mr Don up by his collar and held him out in front of her.
"And how may I ask is one as small as you, going to get one as big as me, up to the top of the tallest tree in the whole of the wood?"
"Hm, you leave that to me young Daisy, you're not that big yourself you know. You just put me back down on the branch and we'll jolly well see who can do what around here."
Daisy placed Mr Donald O'Dermot O'Callaghan back on the branch and began to laugh, her  golden curls  shining in the sun. "Come on then let's do it?" she teased.Daisy
O'Donnal looked all around the top of the trees, it
was so beautiful.
"Ok, ok, close your eyes and make ready to fly!"
"Whoa, who said anything about flying, I was thinking of climbing. I don't have your wings you know."
"Climb to the top of this tree," Donald shook his head and frowned. " I don't think your Mum and Gran would be happy with me if you hurt yourself climbing and I do believe flying would be easier." Mr Don nodded his head as he spoke. "Yes, flying it will have to be, now come on, close your eyes Daisy O'Donnal."

Daisy closed her eyes, first there was a tingle in her fingers, then there was a trembling in her legs. Then it felt as if she were going up in lift just like the ones in the stores in Broughton.
"You can open your eyes now Daisy." Donald said.
Daisy took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes. "Oh wow", she gasped. All around her there were clouds and they seemed to be floating in a sea of blue. She turned very carefully towards Donald who somehow seemed to be holding her as if she weighed nothing.
"Oh my goodness thank you, O thank you, thank you," she cried over and over again. "Now I shall never have to wonder what it is like up here any more." She stood there for what seemed like ages looking this way and that. The church, the school, why she could even see the swing park over the other side of the village and the bowling green. Oh thank you, thank you, she kept repeating. She bent over and gave Mr Don a little kiss on the top of his head. They wobbled a bit from side to side.
"Oops be careful, do you think you are ready to go down now."
"Oh yes I suppose so, thank you," Daisy said a little sad but at the same time flashing another one of her gorgeous smiles at the old Leprechaun.
"I can't thank you enough, You truely have made my dream come true today."
She closed her eyes once more and with a tingle and a tremble and a slight roll in her tummy, Daisy was back on the ground with Donald standing by her side, she lifted
up high
and over the trees him up onto the branch and Daisy jumped up besides him. She leant back against the huge old tree trunk and  closed her eyes, her mind full of all the wonderful sights she had seen in her adventure. She could hear Donald talking away besides her.
"Well my dear I must be gone now for I have to be over at the Badger caves before dinner time."
Daisy slowly opened her eyes, but to her amazement Mr Donald O'Dermot O'Callaghan was gone, not a trace of him anywhere. She jumped down from the branch and stood there a puzzled look on her pretty face...
Had she been dreaming, maybe she had fallen to sleep on the big branch and it was all a dream after all.
She looked about her but there was nothing that told her that Donald O'Dermot O'Callaghan the Dream Weaver of Fingle's Wood had ever been there, or took her to the top of the tree...

     Slowly Daisy began to make her way home, a smile still on her face for in her heart she knew it had all been real and that she would meet the little man, with the croaky little voice again sometime very soon.

Written by Diddily Dee Dot, her first short story of 2008
Enjoy everyone. xxx
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