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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Sun, 14 Nov 2010
A new Sad Tale, this Stephen Southwold, writes lovely stories but some are very sad.
The Hobbit 1974, Nicol Williamson.

Williamson, born 1936, He was the Narrater of this
wonderful Record.

Hobbit 70th anniversary

Narrated and Acted by
Nicol Williamson born in South Lanarkshire in 1936.

Playlist created by

RingsradioDrama.com Thankyou so much.

The Hobbit
by JRR Tolkein

And now for another Tale of Wonder and Romance
from the pen of Stephen Southwold.
Trudi was a little upset about the title of the Tale but then again with the tales that are written and told by Stephen Southwold, we don't always have any connection to the tale at all!


The rain was drizzling down from the sad grey sky on to a sad grey sea. I sat staring out of my tiny cottage window, watching the seagulls resting disconsolately upon the water, as miserable as I was for lack of the sunshine.
     Presently I turned away from the window and drawing my chair up to the fire, leaned back and looked at my queer old clock. It certainly is a queer clock. It is built like a house and in front there are two doors. One door is always open and the other always shut. When the weather is going to be wet a quaint little old man with a ruddy face stands outside his door, and when the weather is fine an equally quaint little old lady stands outside of her door. One is always within and the other always without, and so they never get to see one another or have the slightest chance of a friendly greeting.
And so as I leaned back in my chair and looked at the little old man with his quaint ruddy face, his stiff arms and legs, and a farmer's hat perched awry over one eye.
     The seagulls were sad, I indeed none to happy, but the look of misery upon the face of the little old man was so heart rending that I exclaimed, "Cheer up, old gentleman; the sun will shine tomorrow."
     "So much the worse for me," he replied, in so woebegone a voice that I had difficulty in keeping from laughter.
  "So much the worse for me ," he repeated, "for I never get to see the sun. Sunshine for happy folks means gloom and darkness for me; for then I am shut up in this wretched little house, Although. " he added thoughtfully, my dear wife comes out to enjoy the sun, and I suppose that is something."
   "Your wife ?" I asked in surprise.
   "Of course !" he snapped a little crossly. "Why, who else should could it be ?"
   "certainly, certainly, " I agreed soothingly; but you see I didn't know. How could I ?
   "True," he replied more amiably, "how should you ?" He was quiet for a moment and then he went on. "Shall I tell you my sad tale, our sad story, in fact ?"
   "The very thing," I replied eagerly; "there's nothing like a story on a rainy day."
    "It's very sad you know," he ventured, putting his head  a little on one side.
   "A sad tale for a sad day," I answered. "Perhaps we'll both feel happier when you've told it. Do go on."
   "Listen then," he said.
And so, leaning well bacck in my chair, and pushing my feet a little higher up the side of the mantle piece, I drew a deep breath, nodded my head, and prepared to hear his story.

But of course this is only the beginning of the story the rest you will find at Trudi's Tales, on page 52 of Seligor's Castle. But the pictures won't be added till tomorrow. nite nite and take care, Seligor xxx

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