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Sun, 14 Dec 2008
Diddily Dee Dot gives you her version of the Nativity. Merry Christmas Everyone.

The Story of the Nativity as told by Diddily Dee Dot

Mary and Joseph expect a
baby, which is safe inside Mary.

Once upon a time, in fact about 2000 years ago in a small village there lived a young maiden, her name was Mary.

Mary was very happy for soon she was to marry Joseph, the village Carpenter. The day for the wedding was approaching fast,  Mary was very happy, then something wonderful happened to make her even more happy. She was told by the Angel Gabriel that she would find herself having a baby very soon and the baby would be the son of God and his name should be called Jesus.

        Mary was happy, Joseph was happy and the time passed quickly and it would not be long till the baby Jesus was born. Then as if to spoil their happiness, a message from Egypt was sent to the four corners of the land to tell everyone that they must go to register their names at the village where they were born so that they could pay their taxes.

Mary travels on a donkey to Bethlehem.

        This meant Joseph would have to go to Bethlehem. He couldn't leave Mary behind, not with the baby being due so it was decided they would go together. Joseph arranged with a friend to borrow his donkey and together the couple joined all the other people who were travelling to their birth villages.

        By the time they arrive in Bethlehem all the Inns were full and they could find no where to get some rest. After wondering about for neary two hours they arrived at this small inn on the outskirts of town and were told they could share the stable outside if they didn't mind sharing with the animals. Joseph was so pleased to have somewhere for Mary to lie down, he said he would take the stable before anyone else took it.

Nativity Story       Making Mary as comfortable as possible, he moved about trying to make a little more room for her to have the baby which had decided to come then and there.

And so it happened right there in a stable in a little town called Bethlehem, surrounded by some sheep, a cow and now a donkey, as well as Mary's husband Joseph, Mary gave birth to her baby, and they cgave him the name Jesus.

They laid him in a manger of straw and both Mum and Dad were very, very proud parents. Love and beauty shone all around, outside in the meadows and fields Angels sang of the new arrival.

The Angel bringing the message to Mary.

It was not too many minutes later that the stable door opened and there in the doorway stood three shepherds who had been looking after their sheep in the fields above the stable. They saw the bright star in the sky and knew that something special was happening, for the voices of Angels could be heard throughout the land.

These shepherds, I suppose, were to begin the tradition of giving presents at Christmas, for with them they brought a little  lamb, which nestled quietly besides the manger. A star shines brightly over Bethlehem

Then within minutes of their arrival, Lo and Behold three men arrived at the small stable. They were Melchior, Belthasar and Caspar, three Magi who had travelled from different parts of the world, arriving at the stable to pay their respects to the new born King. They had followed a star which had directed them to the stable, almost to the minute that the baby Jesus had arrived himself.. 

They had brought with them, gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Palestine Doll Set - Nativity Scene. sunbula.
ywca Palestine

Sunbula Doll Set - Three Wise Men Palestine

YWCA of Palestine made these beautiful Nativity Scenes, http://www.sunbula.org/

The scene was almost complete, the wee baby Jesus lying in the manger, the cattle were lowing, the wee lambs raising their heads to the sound of the  Angels as their song filled the air with a voice of Praise and Adoration, for the Saviour of the World had arrived. A Saviour who was to change the World of Man forever-more.

Magi as depicted in Argentina

Most of us know the story of the Nativity, and just as many of us have their own version of this same Nativity. His colour may be different, his prophecies may be different but until the end of time there will always be a baby, he will always try to change the world and make for goodness and mercy for the people for all their lives.   

Let us remember the words, these words and add to them, that this little baby was born to give life to all who will listen. So therefore children never stop listening, never stop learning and that goodness and mercy will remain with you always.  

               Nativity in ChinaNativity in
Scene in Alaska

 Below you will find a wonderful DVD collection from
The Muppets at Christmas, featuring the Late, Great John Denver
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