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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Wed, 26 Aug 2009
Hello , Do you know who Twinkalinka is? you don't. Oh dear, then I think you ought to get to the Childrens Treasury , here at Seligor's Castle.

                      by Janaki Sooriyarachchi,

                        Illustrations by: Janaki Sooriyarachchi




One day, not so long ago, a special new doll arrived at the toy shop.Fresh from the factory in her very own box, the doll’s name was printed in colorful, sparkly letters across the lid, “Twinklinka.” “Oh, isn’t she beautiful?” The shopkeeper cried out, as he opened the box. The sales assistants all gathered around, excited at the arrival of the new doll.

“Yes, she’s certainly gorgeous. Those jewels on her dress and hair twinkle like diamonds,” said one sales assistant. “Yes, that must be why she’s named Twinklinka,” said another. “A pretty little princess would surely buy this beauty at any price.” “Yes, yes. I’m sure we can put a very high price on her and sell with no trouble,” said the shopkeeper.

The sales assistant took Twinklinka out of the box and placed her carefully on the best rack of the shop. None of them knew that the toy from this factory were able to hear everything that went on around them and talk to each other. So, they had no idea that Twinklinka was secretly listening to all they said. “Oh, am I really so pretty?” she wondered. Glancing around quickly, to make sure no one was looking, she stretched up on her toes and peered into the large mirror on the wall. She blinked in surprise at what she saw. “Is that really me?” She could not believe her eyes. “What lovely rosy pink cheeks I have! And such deep blue eyes… and all those golden curls! Just look at my silk stockings and all the lace, pearls and sparkles on my dress. Can those be diamonds in my hair, twinkling like stars?

“And they said that a ‘pretty little princess’ would buy me. It sounds like someone really special.” Of course Twinklinka had no idea what a “princess” was, but she thought that it would be someone very sweet and elegant, like the lovely girls she had seen in the picture books. She closed her eyes and imagined. “Some day, a ‘pretty little princess’ who has beautiful golden curls, rosy cheeks and blue eyes, will come into our shop with her mother. She will point at me right away, and say, ‘Mum, can I have this pretty doll, please?’ Then her mother will say, ‘Yes, of course, my darling.’

And the shopkeeper will take me down from the shelf and hand me to the little princess. And...” “...she will take me home wrapped lovingly in her arms. And she will rock me and cuddle me like her mother does her. She will tell me wonderful stories and play with me the whole day long. All of her friends will say, ‘How lucky you are to have such a beautiful doll!’” Twinklinka was lost in her dream.

Finally, evening came, the lights were turned off, everyone left and the shop was closed up for the night. The other toys that had come from the magical factory all jumped off their shelves and ran around excitedly, happy to be free to play.

Nighttime was when they were their merriest.

But today was more special than usual, and everyone gathered around Twinklinka, curious about the beautiful newcomer.

"You are a very pretty doll. What’s your name?"

"What beautiful eyes you have!"

"Are these really diamonds on your hair and dress, twinkling like stars?"

Twinklinka was showered with questions.

In the middle of all that, a grey Teddy bear in a green waistcoat, who had been on the third shelf, ran up to her. And he gave the delicate doll such a strong bear hug, that she almost lost her breath.

“W-welcome to our toy shop!” he blurted out in a sweet voice, despite his gruff looks. “Oh…thank you!” said Twinklinka, blushing a deep shade of crimson. There were very happy and bubbly soft toys and dolls of many nationalities. All the dolls, Teddy bears and bunnies were indeed dazzled by her loveliness. Every time someone complimented her, she smiled shyly, and her heart felt like it might bounce right out of her chest.

“Your dress is very beautiful!” Lilac, the French doll exclaimed. The Japanese doll, Atsuko, and the Sri Lankan doll, Malithi, gaped at Twinklinka’s exquisite dress. “I’m sure a rich young miss will buy you very soon,” the Indian doll Brindha said, trying to have a closer look at the twinkling things in her hair. “But... she should look like a princess,” Twinklinka whispered to herself.

The following morning, all the toys were back on their shelves and sitting still. A pretty girl came in with her mother and ran straight to Twinklinka. “Oh, Mum, this doll is very beautiful. Can I have it please?” she pleaded.

“No darling, I don’t have enough money to buy that one,” said her mother, looking at the price tag. “I’m sure you can find something less expensive.” The little girl’s eyes narrowed and her happy smile became a pout. And when her mother insisted, she took Bianca, the Italian doll halfheartedly. Still she didn’t take her eyes off Twinklinka, the one she really wanted, the most beautiful doll in the whole shop. Twinklinka felt very sorry for the little girl. But she knew she couldn’t go with her, because she was not the “pretty little princess” in her dream.

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