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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Tue, 01 Jan 2008
A Happy New Year to Everyone at Zoomshare and may it be a good one for all.
Here is another little story poem from Seligor and Diddily xxx of seligor's Castle and Diddily Dee Dot's THE LOST SIXPENCE

I lost a silver sixpence, a shining silver sixpence,
I know a fairy found it in the garden where we play;
I had it in my fingers, and I dropt it and I lost it,
 It glittered in the grass, and then it vanished clean away.

You know the summer fairies, the watching ready fairies,
They love a silver sixpence that is shining like the day;
 I really should not wonder if they bowl it or they spin it
For a hoop of light with laughter in their lands of fairy play.

They kept my pretty sixpence, my new and shining sixpence,

And I have no money now for shopping things to pay;
But the little baby fairies they are glad they are happy,

For they have my silver sixpence for their very own today.

The Lost Sixpence and Nets for Dreams;
are two short verses found in Kathleen Rich's
Junior Reciters Repertory
they were written by Berwick Sayers, and although myself and my sister looked for some identity to this gentleman, we only found reference to a W.C. Berwick Sayers. If anyone can help us, do get in touch. as they are both very lovely little verses.


Where you go a walking on an autumn morn
Dewy-silver cobwebs all the little trees adorn,
butterfly fairyAnd spiders in the middle are goblin elves, they say,
Waiting for the foolish flies who wander from their way.

So the people tell me, but I'd sooner think
These are shining nets the fairies fashion link by link
Out of threads of silver from the moon's stray beams,
Posted 16:17

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