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Sun, 21 Oct 2007
merry christmas everyone
hank you for your images Merry Christmas my Little Ones Christmas is for Everyone Christmas Kittens Christmas is for having fun, When all the carols are singing, Presents, turkey, lots of food, With all the church bells ringing. Christmas is for little babes, All in their mangers sleeping, With love and glory all around, And little Angels peeping. Christmas Puppy Christmas is for Santa Claus, For kindness, love and caring, In this world that's filled with war, It's time we thought of sharing. So let this Christmas be the start, Of something strong and true, Reach far and wide with hands and voice, Send peace and love to you.Santa Claus and sleigh A Merry Christmas Everyone Christmas Lights kid safe Diddily Dee Dot 2007 The Snow From the clouds, the flakes of snow Wander to the woods below, Falling lightly, Softly, whitely, To the ground, Heaping drifts without a sound. Now the wind begins to blow, Lighter, faster comes the snow, Falling thickly, Rushing quickly; Soon there'll be Snowmen built for you and me. Dorothy Milnes Sinclair Ding Dong Ding Ding Dong Ding, Sing Song Sing. Ding dong ding the bells do ring, Dong ding dong they can't be wrong. They're ringing high, They're ringing low, They tell the people where to go. Ding dong ding the bells do ring. Sing Song Sing Sing song sing the voices sing, Song sing song come sing along. Some sing high, and some sing low, Tell the people where to go. Sing song sing the voices sing. Gathering of Peoples Ding dong ding the bells do ring, Sing song sing the voices sing. They're ringing loud, They're singing sweet, They tell the people in the street. Ding song sing our hearts will meet. Diddily Dee Dot Christmas 2007 Melting Ice THIS GENTLE EARTH Oh silent night, Your whiteness lies softly on the ground Only the sound of doors being locked against your darkness. The lights flicker, like candles on a table. Colours mixed, lighting up the clouds as they pass overhead The call of a night bird far away in the mountains The ghostly whistle of a train passing on it’s way to who knows where A dog barks, Not far away a car crawls over the black tarmac, Its wheels crunching on the frozen groundDiddily's front garden in winter The cold digs deeper into my bones, I feel a numbness inside me But the beauty is so rare I must stand, I feel tied to the ground Oh beautiful world, Let me alone; Let me sleep in the warmth of your love. Untie your cold chains, Let my numb hands feel once more. Take the icicles from my heart, Oh gentle Earth, release me. Dorothy Milnes Sinclair Published 1979 Melting Ice Christmas Bauble Christmas Blessings Christmas time for children Santa’s come once more Bringing all the merriment and presents by the score Holly beads and Ivy, trees all filled with lights Glistening in the darkness, sparkling wondrous, bright Chorus Christmas time for children and the new born babe Happiness and wonder to last us all our days Christmas with Love Christmas time for praying, for the boy child born Lying in a manger, on this crisp new morn Shepherds on the hillside, come with love and care Kings from lands so far away presents first to bear. Chorus Christmas time for children and the new born babe Happiness and wonder to last us all our days Dorothy Milnes copyright 1970 This carol can be sung to the tune of Sing a Song of Sixpence
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