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Sun, 16 May 2010
Ever thought what it might be like to be a Ventriloquist? I have but I don't think it's easy

VENTRILOQUISM!I must admit Ventriloquist's
dummies frighten me.
The Question:
First of all I should ask if any of you know what is ventriloquism, and who can BE a ventriloquist?  
The Answer:

Well anybody really and the younger you start to learn the better you will become

          Ventrioquism is not, as many suppose, an art possible only to the few with special gifts; it can be practised by most people who will follow certain well-defined rules, and try, try and try again, until you reach perfection.
           No particular structure of the vocal chords is necessary. A muffled vibration in the cavity of the mouth caused by the action of the tongue and lips produce a kind of whispering in which the words seem to be coming from a distance, and the illusion (for all good tricks have an illusion) is helped by the means of a doll/animal that has a moveable head and jaws. For it is the puppet that takes the attention away from the ventriloquist's mouth.
           One must stress here, that it is very necessary for the trainee ventriloquist to have a good set of teeth as the use of these is a definite piece of the ventriloquists equipment. And as good pair of lungs to hold enouh air to keep you going.

A well known performer thus describes his way of speaking  when he wishes to produce  the illusion of a voice proceeding from a doll:
 "I press my tongue against my teeth, and thus produce a cavity between my left cheek and teeth, in which the voice is produced by the air left in the pharynx.  The sounds thus receive a hollow and muffled tone which causes them to appear to come from a distance.
          It is essential to have the breath well under control, and not to breath out more than can be avoided. Practicing in front of a mirror is essential, so that you learn to control your jaw and mouth movements. (You don't want to look as if you are blowing up a balloon after all.) the point of this excercise is to produce elasticity in the vocal organs.
           The voice should never be strained: that is a mistake which many would be ventriloquists make. The powers must be developed quite naturally or hoarseness will result.

(I am writing this down kids but I am not sure if I am understanding it all, I guess I will have to try along with you all!)
 Most important is the control of the mouth movements, as this is what misleads the listeners to look away from you and at the dummy.
You will soon get to judge the distance of the sounds you are making, mainly by comparing the ones we have already learnt. Like the dummy which is still inside a suitcase, he must sound as if he is coming from farther away and more muffled. This is mainly done by increasing or decreasing the loudness of the tones whilst still keeping  the same pitch, quality and duration.
Remember the rule, don't make your questions to long, or your
here is a funny joke for ventriloquists answers, they must all come from that breath you are keeping in your throat. Also if the dolls mouthor beak moves, you will notice that the audience looks at it and not you. If the case is placed in the corner to your left. Turn that way, they will look at the case not you. as soon as the sound inside the case is heard, their attention will be on the case, always.
Never try to rush things, one voice for one doll for one conversation. When you become really good at that voice then maybe you can add another, a girl and a boy. But don't forget which voice is which and always, always remember that all the voices are within you and you must treat your voice with good food and good drink.
CA Satyajit Padhye along with his
Puppets in Grand Finale of
India's Got Talent

In the Finals of India's Got Talent, C.A. Satyajit Padhye performed an act based on the theme of Global Warming.He performed with two puppets, Chotu Singh and a bird puppet.He brought a Baby Puppet with him also.The Baby Puppet interacted with Judge Sonali Bendre.Kirron Kher told him that every performance of him is different & original from all his previous performances.After Satyajit's performance was over he spontaneously commented on the anchors.

Satyajit also declared about his future plans on the show.He plans to open an institute of Ventriloquism, Puppetry & Allied Arts which will give a boost to the art of Ventriloquism & Puppetry.

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