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Fri, 17 Sep 2010
The Spring Cleaning by Marie Bayne.
 Seligor's Castle Introduces

Line of washing
* The Spring Cleaning * 
By Marie Bayne.

There was such a turn-up in the dolls' house; for Nora and Trix were giving it a spring clean, and the Daddy Doll and the Sailor Boy did not like it a bit.
     Doll's pramThe Daddy Doll liked to sit in his doll's easy chair by the hearth, and the Sailor Boy liked to lie on the pink silk sofa in the parlour. But now Nora put them both in the Baby Doll's pram, and how silly they felt !
     They put the Lady Doll and the Golliwog in the pram as well; but the Golliwog did not mind. You see, he did not live in the dolls' house, for he was too big to go in. So he was quite pleased to sit by the Lady Doll. Then Nora and Trix set to work with a will.
      First they pinned up their frocks with big safty pins, and put dust caps over
their hair. Next they took all the chairs and tables out of the dolls' house, and piled them on top of one another. They lifted the carpets Lady Dolland beat them well, and they got soap suds in one of their sea-side pails, and scrubbed out every floor.
     The kitchen took quite a long time to do, for they had to blacklead the range and polish the pots and pans.
  "I do love blacklead !" said Trix, as she put it on, But Mother laughed and made her look in the glass, and then she saw that she had a black smudge on her cheek.
  "Oh dear, what a sight I am !" she cried. But she poured some water into the toy basin and soon got it off.
  "Well, what next ?"  Said Trix, drying her face as she spoke.
  "Now let us think !" Nora replied.
  "I know what I think," said the Daddy Doll in the pram.
  "Pray what sir ?" asked the Gollywog.
  "I think," said the Daddy Doll, "that it is high time we had tea !"
  "And so do I," sighed the Lady Doll.
  "And I think ditto," said the Sailor Boy.
     But Nora or Trix seemed to hear.
  "We must clean the windows," said Nora at length.
  "And wash the curtains ! cried Trix. And then they got out their toy wash tub, and went at it harder than ever.
     When the curtains were dry, Mother ironed them; and Nora and Trix hung
them up in the nice clean windows.
Then they put all the furiture back again, and there seemed nothing more to do.
  "Tea-time now, surely !" said the Daddy Doll. "Oh dear ! I am sick of this pram !"
  "Not I sir, believe me !" cried Golliwog. "We might be a great deal worse off !" And very soon they found out he was right.
Washed the
Sailor Boy
     For just then Nora and Trix caught sight of the pram. "Our dolls !" they cried; We cannot put dirty dolls into a clean dolls' house
     So they gave the Sailor Boy a proper bath, for he was a rubber doll; and the
Lady Doll's face, and combed out her long golden hair. But they could not think how to clean the other two, for their clothes wear sewn on, and they would not come off.
  "I tell you what, Trix," said Nora at length: we shall have to beat them like carpets."
     So they beat the dust out of the Golliwog and the Daddy doll. The Golliwog did not mind, but the Daddy Doll did not like it at all.
     Then they were put back into the dolls' house - all but the Gollywog, for he was too big to go in. And Nora put the Sailor Boy in the Daddy Doll's chair -- "For a change;" and made the Daddy Doll lie on the pink silk sofa in the parlour -- and he was so cross.
  "What a mercy," he said, "that Nora and Trix do not often spring-clean !"
                                                                   The End.

puts washing out to dry
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