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Seligor's Castle, fun for all the children of the world.
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Fri, 08 May 2009
Hi there, This little buuny looks very sad, don't you think. Let's cheer him up by telling him a story.

Cunny Rabbit and the Lion

   Cunny Rabbit was a little creature, but he was very shrew. Even the lion was not a match for him. The lion stole a fawn from a gentle doe, and would not give it back. The doe appealed to I hope you
are well, xxxthe beasts for help, but they were afraid of the lion. Then she came to Cunny Rabbit, and Cunny Rabbit said: "Tell all the animals to meet in council tomorrow at my burrow."
      In the meantime Cunny Rabbit dug a long underground passage from his burrow to an outlet behind a distant bush. The animals met in council and listened to the case, and they decided that the fawn was the child of the lion. None of them dared to speak the truth, because they saw that the lion was watching them with angry eyes. But Cunny Rabbit peeped out of his burrow, and boldly cried out in a loud voice against the lion.
"Nonsense! The fawn belongs to the doe. The lion is a thief!" cried the rabbit.
The lion sprang at him, but Cunny Rabbit darted down his passage and came out behind the bush and escaped.
"I will starve him out! roared the lion. So he waited and waited by the burrow for Cunny Rabbit to appear. He grew thin and feeble, but still he would not give in, for he thought that if he went in search of food Cunny Rabbit would get away.
So there he stayed, until he was too hungry to move and he died.
The doe of course had rescued her fawn a while past. And they both thanked Cunny Bunny for his craftiness. And the other animals were also pleased because the lion could no longer take their babies away..

Posted 12:58

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Having taken off the cbox from the Castle and Dreamland, I replaced it with some little words.
This is a little story I have added instead of losing the little white Bunny as well as the Cbox. Do try and read it out loud so you can cheer the little white bunny up a bit. I think some one must have taken her kitten, and not the lion the fawn.
Posted by Seligor

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